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At McGee Law, we prioritize clients’ success by building professional relationships. Our experienced attorneys thrive where opportunity and risk converge. We are known for pushing our skills and knowledge to develop solutions that can produce incredible outcomes.

Our team of legal advisors and attorneys will provide you with thorough and straightforward legal representation. Every member of the McGee Law family showcases high integrity, hard work, resourcefulness, and ability to maneuver through the tricky Florida judiciary system. This is why our attorneys are respected by the judges and even the opposing counsel.

Your objectives are our objectives. We will work as a team and ensure our attorneys provide you with the most thoughtful legal guidance — together, inching toward achieving your goals. We will ensure you are well-acquainted with your actions’ long-term and short-term consequences while we enlighten you about the potential opportunities.

Why hire McGee Law, PLLC?

Here are the seven reasons why our esteemed clients prefer McGee Law, PLLC over all other local law firms in Palm Coast, Florida.

We keep things simple.

The Florida state law can be complicated at times. Our attorneys keep calm, use their experience, conduct thorough research, and provide impeccable legal solutions.

We work within your budget.

A knowledgeable attorney will always save you time and money. At McGee Law, we make excellent decisions and take thoughtful actions within your budget.

We know how to take charge.

No matter how bad your previous legal representation was, we can quickly and effectively take charge and move your case in the right direction.

We have access to outstanding networks.

When working with McGee Law, you will always have ideas and solutions. This is because we work closely with a network of attorneys to ensure our client's advantage.

We present the strongest case.

Our clients are always in the know. We help them realize their case's possible options and outcomes beforehand. We ensure you share statements and present documents to make the strongest case.

We negotiate like professionals.

We live to negotiate. We present and argue on your behalf at any court proceeding like our lives depend on it. This helps us win or negotiate a fair settlement with the opposing party.

We personalize our legal strategies.

When it comes to Florida state, no one legal strategy works for all. We tailor our approach to the court case to match your preferences, goals, and requirements.

Our Team Members

Jennifer A. McGee, Esq.

Attorney at Law/Family Law Mediator

Dolores Valladolid

Legal Assistant

Brooke Brendel

Legal Assistant

Lisa Stromp

Executive Assistant

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What Our Clients Say

nelson carlo
nelson carlo
I’ve had to hire an attorney 6 times in my life. This is only the second attorney that is given me 100% of her efforts ( in my opinion) and diligently listened to my actual concerns and wishes. I left after the case feeling that I got a lot more than I paid for. That is definitely a first. So Jennifer took on my case even though three other attorneys would not because they did not agree with my strategy. We proceeded exactly how I wanted to and wound up with a great outcome. She asked questions, made suggestions, and ultimately formed a plan that we were both comfortable with. In my book that deserves five stars. So I implore you to contact Jennifer should you need an attorney who actually considers your opinions important. And the rarest of things, she always answered my calls and emails promptly. I dare you to find another attorney that will do that alone. Jennifer is a professional, caring, and compassionate attorney who will take your case to heart. Hopefully there will be no seventh time but I know exactly who to call should there be one.
Eric Villani
Eric Villani
After meeting Jennifer, you can see she truly cares about your situation. She not only was able to help me, but she was reasonably priced. I don't trust most Attorneys, although you can really tell she was on my side. SHE MADE A DIFFERENCE FOR ME!
A very stress-free culmination to our will acquisition needs. Highly recommended!
Peter Ojeda
Peter Ojeda
Jennifer helped my parents with their LLC and was able to resolve a billing issue with our commercial tenant. She has also helped review documents for our recent real estate purchase in Florida. She is very professional and went above and beyond to insure that all our issues were resolved. She was very responsive and always returned calls promptly, which isn't always the case with lawyers. I highly recommend her.

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